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KurtHilliard.com is my personal website and affiliate platform.  This website serves as the core for a range of my online activities, and is absolutley free to use, no registration or handstands required.  From casual posts to serious affiliate marketing to cutting-edge WordPress, I use this site as the “engine” for much of what I do online, and am constantly working to add cool new plugins, social integrations, and more.

Meet the Author

Meet the Author

I am Kurt Hilliard, known to many in the Internet realm as dormdough – a moniker I adopted years ago at the suggestion of my wife Kristen, when I was first stepping into the wild world of affiliate marketing.  To the rest of the world, I’m a pretty laid-back guy from NC living in Seattle, living the dream, learning something new each and every day.

It’s hard to believe my first pennies online came nearly a decade ago, no doubt.  These days, I am stoked to be living a rewarding life with my wife on the West Coast, pursuing ambitious endeavors both offline and on.  I spend most of each week “climbing the ladder” like most folks, and still enjoy earning some affiliate commissions on the side.  Of course, realizing the ever-changing vision of an awesome blog is a constant pursuit!

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your stay!

For readers, you’ll find a growing focus and depth of content related to helping you build, manage, and enjoy running your own blog while looking sharp – and maybe even make some extra “dough” along the way.  Speaking of that, you’ll want to read the affiliate disclosure as you browse.

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