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A Great Example of Taking Action

Today while doing some advertising rounds I saw that dude wearing a mask video – you know the one – the one promoting his “Really Simple System” website.  He’s on the phone, or talking to someone in the others – but the video with the mask is the one that really sticks out.  I think I’ve seen some banners as well…but I digress.  The point of today’s post is two-fold:  one, that I saw something that definitely sticks out from the crowd (the “mask” splashpage), and two, the whole “system” turns out to be a pretty cool example of someone (Ryan, the admin) taking massive action and doing something different from the rest of the crowd.

Yes, RSS is an affiliate program – it’s also totally free (signup here and follow along).

NOTE: since the original post in Dec. 2015, the structure of Really Simple System has changed.  The content below exists as per the original post. Learn more.

Anyways, what struck me about the whole thing is how it works.  Really Simple System leverages the ever-more-popular (and also free) ShoeMoney Network (SMN) into the front-end of the system, basically guiding the new signup towards their easiest online commission, while using the SMN referral commission to subsidize the RSS sponsor’s cost of acquiring the new RSS referral.  The fancy marketing term for that is self-liquidating or self-funded, or something like that.

Smart, though – simple and smart.

(I think Shoemoney would be proud of the leverage!)

Then the new RSS referral is taken through the simple steps of adding affiliate ID’s for the suggested programs, etc, etc.  After all, the whole system is pretty much a traffic and commission funnel that feeds itself and some of the most popular affiliate programs online.  Pretty, well, simple after all – at least simple enough that there is zero need for me to detail the RSS system here.  I just joined, but even the cynic in me sees this being a very good way to drive up my traffic downlines at the very least, and at best earn some pretty hefty commissions from the RSS 2-tier commissions.

Ryan (the dude who runs RSS) is offering new users some pretty awesome extras right now.  First, once you setup your own free system, he’ll send traffic to your links for RSS.  That’s pretty much auto-pilot, if you ask me.  Second, affiliates earn on two tiers of CPA commissions.  That’s really rare in this affiliate world, so I’d encourage anyone reading this with a marketing mind to jump in and register an account today.

There’s a lot better detail onsite at Really Simple System…sometimes I kinda suck at explaining things.  🙂

If you’re using RSS, please comment below and let us know what you think!



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