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A Different Application for Team Showcase

I’ve been playing around this week with some of the cool plugins you don’t really see (yet) on this blog, including one that I’ve been determined to implement for, well, months now.  It’s a neat “people portfolio” kinda piece for displaying team members, however I’ve co-opted it to do a shade more than that (naturally!).  I needed a plugin that would allow me to list, feature, and cross-reference custom post types, while pulling them for quick and easy display on splashpages and other promotions.  Although I use Tablepress to index my advertising and traffic sources behind the scenes, I have long wanted to present my recommendations (when splashing, natch) in a more elegant format.

Enter the Team Showcase plugin…

(yes, it’s awesome – no, it’s not one of those one-off “markety” plugins, fyi)

I’ve barely scratched the surface, but here’s a quick splashpage using Profiles of programs rather than people.  Cool, eh?  (I know – not my best work, but I needed something to throw out there and see how it performs under a load – so far, so good!).  The point is to show you the cool image options, and the flexibility of the profile fields associated with each entry.  In the example linked above, I’ve simply used a 125×125 banner for each website profiled, and added the appropriate text using the HTML fields available in the post/profile entry.  There’s a handy shortcode generator included, tons of options there, too (layouts, data, etc, etc).  Easy stuff if WP is your thing…

(If that last paragraph made sense to you, be sure to check out Team Showcase and such for yourself)

Check it out – happy blogging!

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