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2936 Miles To Go

To call the summer “interesting” so far might be an understatement, and as August rapidly approaches, I find myself just under 3,000 miles from where I want to be.  Yep, in just a couple of weeks (or hopefully less) life will take me to the West Coast, and well, yeah I’m pretty stoked!

For now the destination is Olympia, WA, not far from the dynamic culture of Seattle, and plenty close to the natural wonders of Mt. Rainier and Olympic National Park.  I’m not sure yet if I’ll go by plane or train, but I’m rather sure the long boat through the Panama Canal is out of the question 😉

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest and have insider tips – or tips from your trips that way – do post them below.  I’m looking forward to discovering the great outdoors, and of course “discovering” a few craft brews along the way.  Post your comments, and if we connect, rest assured the first beer is on me!

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