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2017 New Year Zubee Zone Update News

Thousands of eager members have been anticipating a big Zubee Zone update for 2017, so here’s what I know right now about cash redemptions or incentives.  As both a casual Zubee collector and subscribing website package owner, you can count me among the ranks of  anxious parties looking for owner John Bell’s next Zubee Zone update (Zubees huh?  Read my ZZ page).  Giving away the coins provides me a fun opportunity to drive daily traffic to my blog – so you can bet I’m as keen as any ZZ user to hear some news about the future of the program.

Since late 2016, the Zubee Zone rewards program has been in a bit of a crisis, having been directly affected by the Paypal “thing” that spread around the incentivized traffic market.  Up until that time, users (aka “collectors”) could exchange their collected “Zubees” for cash – a model that worked like a gem since the inception of the site.  Sadly, the Paypal issues combined with other matters has kept the resolution of the “what to do with Zubees” question hanging in the wind.  I’ll control those things I can, and be optimistic about those I can’t.   So, without further ado…

What’s the future for Zubees on my blog?

I’ve decided that this Zubee Zone update at KurtHilliard.com will be…


The Zubee coins stay!

I know, I know – you waited with bated breath, holding back edge-of-your-seat excitement.

It’s cool.  I get it.

Zubees are fun.

Looking forward to the next Zubee Zone update…

In addition to being fun, Zubees might just be worth something more valuable again in the near future.  At the very least, collectors can now redeem their stash for affiliate advertising at a handful of participating sites (via the ZZ Marketplace).  In addition, here’s hoping owner John Bell will bring things back up to speed, in terms of redemptions and/or increased gamification (or even a stronger freemium model, perhaps?).  I will mention that a 4-weeks-running support matter I had with John’s company Conquest Marketing was resolved today.  Hopefully that’s a sign of him catching up the queue and moving ahead with his business.

I’ll share more about redemptions as soon as I get another Zubee Zone update myself.

Always optimistic, eh?  🙂

Happy collecting!

Want more fun and games?  Join us in the CTP Badge Hunt mid-January!

Zubee Zone Update and CTP Badge Hunt

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