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17 Days and Counting: Las Vegas 2017

I’m heading out on vacation soon, doing my own version of grown-up Spring Break – to the bright lights of Las Vegas, no less!  Although I’ve previoulsy driven through the city and taken some photos, I have never officially “done the Strip” in all of its glory.  My wife are jumping on a plane later in April for the flight down south, anticipating plenty of sunshine and warm weather.  Four nights and five days is probably our first “one too many” on this trip already – here’s some clues as to what we’ll be doing in Sin City…

  • Drinking.  Booze.  Plenty of it.  Let’s be fair here, folks – we love to have a good time.  I don’t think I’ll ever grow up, nor will I lose my appetite for good red wine and IPA.
  • Laughing.  A lot.  Comedy shows are easy to come by in Las Vegas, and you can bet we’ll drop in for a line or two at more than one.  Rumor has it they have drinks at those, too.
  • Shows.  Good ones.  No, I don’t mean the 2-minute version you get for a twenty-spot.  Something classy, with a touch of racy to boot.  Or did I say saucy?
  • Going natural.  No worries, we’re keeping our clothes on – but do plan on poking our heads into the arboretum at the Bellagio.  Gotta have a little culture in life.

Our trip is fast-approaching, but you still have time to give me your recommendations in the comments below.

Of course we’re open to all suggestions, and would love your ideas on where to go, what to see, and how to really dig into the best (and maybe worst) of Las Vegas and the surrounding area for a few days.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but please do keep your comments here family-friendly. 🙂


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