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17 Days and Counting: Las Vegas 2017

Las Vegas Vacation Palm Trees

I'm heading out on vacation soon, doing my own version of grown-up Spring Break - to the bright lights of Las Vegas, no less! Although I've previoulsy driven through the city and taken some photos, I have never officially...

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Top Traffic Exchanges Still Worth Surfing

Traffic Exchanges Still Worth Surfing Trophy

After the Paypal fiasco late last year, the affiliate traffic industry took a big hit - so I've put together a Spring 2017 refresher of top traffic exchanges still worth surfing. Far from being havens of rookie webmasters, the following advertising outlets are each...

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Final 2017 Zubee Update: What’s Next?

Las Vegas Vacation Road Ahead

It’s official folks – this will be the final 2017 Zubee update here at my blog, at least in any sort of “official” sense, eh.  After more than a year watching the crowd of collectors dropping by daily to grab coins, I’ve finally pulled the plug on …

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